Tips to buy authentic Saffrons

The Benefits of Saffron


Saffron is amazing for losing weight.

Saffron slows down your appetite, and helps you to manage your weight more easily and efficiently.

Saffron acts by increasing serotonin production in the body. This is one of the most important hormones in the body when it comes to weight loss, and has direct influence on how full you feel.

By using Saffron you will be able to cut down your calorie intake which it will decrease all of your craving, thus reducing the amount of time you snack during the day. And this all will help you lose weight at a gradual and safe pace.


There are three important steps you need to take,

  1. The first step is taking the right amount of Saffron.

You don’t need lots of Saffron to lose weight; you just need some few stigmas every day! (Five saffron stigmas will be enough).

Note: Make sure you are using high quality Saffron, preferably the one, which comes from Iran. It is by far the richest in aromas and antioxidants and the deepest in color.

  1. The Second step consists of using the right method. The best way to use saffron for weight loss is to make saffron tea. (You can refer to our web site we have given instruction how to make Saffron Tea.)

Note: Please remember that you should never cook Saffron at high Temperature, because it will lose its antioxidants and other important chemical compounds.

  1. The third step is: Helping your appetite.

It means eating foods that makes you feel full and satisfied all day long. The best foods are roasted nuts.

Every morning and afternoon tries to eat a handful of roasted almonds. Although nuts are very rich in fatty acids, they are not going to make you fat, because they are so essential to our body. Our liver will use all of the materials found in nuts, to build our tissues and help our immune system.

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