How to prepare Saffron

How to prepare Saffron?

Before your learn how to use SAFFRON, we should now which one to use, Saffron threads or Saffron powder?

What are the differences between Saffron threads and powder and which one to use?

Both are excellent. Both are easy to use. It comes down to personal preference. For maximum flexibility, choose the threads. This way you can prepare dishes which show off the whole threads and you can easily crush the threads into powder for maximum color diffusion in dishes where this may be particularly important. (Saffron powder does not require steeping as the powdering process has already activated its essence.)

It is very hard to remember to infuse saffron threads before adding saffron to a recipe, so many times the threads are thrown straight into the boil. If this is the case, I recommend you to switch to Saffron powder. You will use less saffron and you won’t have to steep the powder before adding it to your recipe. The chemicals in saffron, crocin (color),picrocrocin (flavor), safranal (aroma) are already activated in powdered saffron because the threads containing them has been crushed.

If you intend to use Saffron threads then, to draw out the colour and to ensure that it’s evenly distributed throughout the dish, you should steep saffron threads in a little warm water, stock or milk for about 30 minutes before using. (Saffron threads continue to release aroma, flavor and color for several hours.) . Then add the liquid to the dish, usually towards the end of cooking.

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