Tips to use Saffron

General tips to use Saffron?

  • To feature saffron, do not use other potent spices such as chili pepper or turmeric in the same dish. Even more subtle herbs and spices can wipe out saffron delicacy if they are used with too heavy a hand.
  • The key with the threads is to steep them sufficiently before adding them to other ingredients.
  • When using saffron threads, begin your recipe preparation by steeping the threads to extract their essence for a minimum of 30 minutes in addition to cooking/baking time.
  • Avoid working with a whisk when using saffron threads as they get tangled in the wires, preventing you from distributing their flavor and color evenly in a dish.
  • Wooden utensils tend to absorb saffron easily so avoid using them when working with saffron.
  • Saffron is water-soluble. Do not add it to fat in your cooking/baking preparation.
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